Daniel Morrison - Main Host, Founder, and all that stuff.  Once a musician himself Daniel decided to help others make it, utilizing his hard learned lessons in life.  Once switching gears to the music media side of the industry back in 2009, he had gone from running the Arts and Entertainment Connexions department of Acoustic Alternative Radio (one of the top 20 internet radio stations in the world according to About.com at that time) to co-founding Alternative Revolt Magazine, founding Hip Rock Magazine and Founder/Event Host of the popular Resurrection of the Bands event.  He is also Founder and Host of Paranormal Crosswave.

Daniel has worked with top Record Labels and PR Firms such as Warner Bros Music, Sony Music, Adrenaline PR, Victory Records and many more.  His unique and funny interview questions, as well as his famous last questions has kept him in the memory of the hundreds of artists he has met and interviewed including the following Major and Independent Artists and celebrities: Tech N9ne, Deftones, Nonpoint, Avril Lavigne, Korn, Styx, Actor Rick Mora, Disturbed, Indie Bible founder David Wimble  and more.  His podcast experience includes being a guest host with Acoustic Alternative Radio, Alternative Revolt Magazine and Hip Rock Magazine totaling over 3 years.  So, yeah, he knows a thing or two about this stuff.

In Daniel's good samaritan nature, after meeting many artists just starting out he had written a book to help them contact media properly called Artist Etiquette 101: Sure Fire Ways To Get A Positive Response from Radio, TV and Media.  He had discovered there was a great deal of improperly educated musicians starting out and even some who have been around a while.  This book, with a foreward by the Indie Bible's David Wimble, woud cure the dilemma.

Now Daniel is taking his biggest passions and putting them all into a unique, fun, interactive adventure that will allow listeners and readers to enjoy the personalities of celebrities, help even more Independent artists get recognition, show that celebrities still care about those who are pursuing dreams and so much more.  It's time to shine!






Daniel Digs It was founded by Daniel C. Morrison to promote the creative arts via reviews and spotlights on the website.  If he digs it, he wants to tell the world about!


Brenda M. Atencio aka G Precious Hip Hop Review Journalist 

Brenda was a former arist spotlight, proud supporter and,  eventually, contributing journalist for Hip Rock Magazine. Having put on shows in the area of her hometown in Ohkay Owingeh (Village of the Strong) in New Mexico and receiving some impressive accolades in that area she was just too talented and too sincere of a person not to invite her to be part of Daniel Digs It!


Says Brenda, "Music is life – I have been writing and performing since I was about 5-6 years old and have always had a passion for music. I wish I could make music full time, but professionally I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a minor in Accounting and I like to say that I moonlight as the Director of a Realty Program and play Women’s Semi-Pro Football for the Santa Fe Dukes in my spare time! I do a million things just for the fun of it! I really don’t say “NO” too much."

Brandon "Eski" Ortiz Metal Review Journalist 

Brandon 'Eski' Ortiz is a producer, musician, songwriter, and all around music lover.  Having supported Daneil C. Morrison's ventures from back in his Alternative Revolt Magazine, his sincere brotherly love nature is a welcome find.  He gets things done, has a great musical energy and deserves to be in the spotlight.


Says Brandon, "Born and raised in Orange County, California, I grew to appreciate all types of music. Naturally gravitating towards heavy music, I started playing guitar at 13, and haven't looked back since.  Being a self taught producer, I've learned to continue and embrace all new forms of music, as our ears are constantly looking to be challenged. But, at the end of the day, heavy metal is always where my heart is!"

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