(We feature creative artists and celebrities in any genre of music, actors, comedians, tv or radio personalities, professional athletes or well known college athletes, etc)

You should contact us if:

  • You  would like to be interviewed or have a song, book, movie, comedy act or video game you would like reviewed or promoted

  • You have a great crowdfunding campaign you think we would dig

  • You would like us to spotlight your charity or non-profit organization

  • You would like to advertise

  • You would like to interview one of the hosts for your publication, radio show or tv show

  • You would like to donate for a guaranteed feature (very limited as we feature people for free but we have to dig it and then there's a long wait time)

  • You would like us to host or sponsor an event​

  • You are looking for someone to handle your media management (Daniel provides a service for artists starting out to prepare them for properly contacting media so you basically won't look like you don't know what you're doing.  You will seem like a professional when handling the media, basically.)

  • You want to know if Daniel is single

  • Or something else pretty cool!


  • Be specific in your subject line.

  • Include an email address for response (phone number available upon our discretion)

Please note - all messages go to DanielDigsIt@gmail.com.  Please check your spam folder for response if you do not receive one after 48 hours.


  • NO SPAM.  Do not add us to your mailing lists either please.

  • Please wait for a response.  We cannot respond to everyone. We have lives and are busy.  If you do not hear back within 60 days we might not dig it.  If you insist we should dig into your message please send a new inquiry after 60 days is up. Duplicate emails will be trashed.

  • Please use proper grammar and media friendly messages.  Failure to do so will result in no response or future consideration.

  • If submitting to be reviewed please include name, link to your best website, link to your youtube video if applicable, and a brief summary of all your highlights.  We feature both well known entertainers and unknown.  We give equal chances to all but professionalism is key.  If we are interested we will contact you and let you know what else we need.


We are promoting you because we care and thought your talent was pretty bad ass!  Therefore, if selected to be on the podcast you must promote the podcast.  Why wouldn't you anyway?  Trust us, there are those who have not and if you are selected to be on the show and do not promote at least on your social networking sites we have the right to call you out on it on the next show and never promote you again.  So be sure to send us a response when we let you know you have been selected and include the link to where you promoted us.  Special perks will be given in the future to those who supplied us with a high number of fans from your promotions.  

*We do not charge anyone to be on the show for reviews, interviews, etc.  We may accept donations for additional advertisement on the site or in the podcast but never to be on the show.  Yes, we're one of the good guys!

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