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Once upon a time I absolutely loved a song called “Angel” by Jon Secada. I’d play it on repeat and invested time in a few of his other hits. Since then I’ve realized that there’s not a lot of variety in Latin Dance Pop. But if you like one you’ll pretty much like them all. That’s my opinion anyway.

I was recently introduced to San Francisco’s Latin Pop Singer, Joaquin Torres. I read he got noticed as a television actor/soap star first and was even featured on Dancing With the Stars here in America.

Although that’s all well and good I clicked play on this single anyway and, low and behold, I was reminded of Jon Secada. This song has that Latin Pop style complimented by a longing for me to want to love someone again and polished off with smooth vocals. Ah, the memories! And it certainly makes me feel like dancing with a gimp foot and all! I like the way it instantly makes me want to move, as a good Latin Pop song should.

Since I dig it, I think you might too. If you want to know some more kudos this song was also (in late August 2018)…

* currently #37 on the BDS/Billboard Top 40 Indicator chart

* currently #32 on the Mediabase Top 40 Activator chart

* has received over 53,000 spins in retail stores across the country

* is number 7 on the All Access What's In Store Dance Environment Chart

Although it’s nothing ground breakingly new it certainly has lasting appeal and anyone who likes this style would not go wrong here. Therefore, I dig this single 9 out of 10 feet deep!

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