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When I first met Austin it was way back when I did my first ever live event, Cassandra Under Fire. Cassandra is a friend of mine and her apartment caught fire and she lost a lot of stuff. This was a fundraising event that did well enough for a Black Friday show date. Austin and his boys rocked a sweltering show to open up the event and he was a humble guy. To this day he’s got a style I enjoy and a personality that resonates well.

Last year before my injuries I was to check out his solo act “Fear In Disguise” as I anxiously awaited more from his band Manic Method but we all know how that went. Well, maybe you don’t but all excuses and life happenings aside, I’m finally glad to take my shovel to his solo album. His band does have a new piece out which I'll be reviewing in the very near future!

The Review

Holy cow! I liked Austin’s stuff well enough as it always seemed to have a style fitting for the time. Production wise it seemed sometimes it was a bit behind in the times but this album kicked my ass! It has all the appeal of the Hard Rock I enjoy without being over-produced. I was reminded of the great heavy hitting 90’s and 2000’s bands such as Trapt, Full Devil Jacket, Crossfade, etc.

Sometimes, I go song by song when I review albums but these 10 tracks all hit me in the sweet spot. Austin’s vocals and song variety has staying power! Better Than Ever hit it off with a great punch and hit a high note with my favorites Afraid of Heights and Half Truth. He also has acoustic flare with What Keeps Us Alive and a softer mix showcased in Casting Away the Shadow. I even applauded a more old fashioned style of rock with Mechanical Mechanisms.

Austin’s vocals carry the weight well enough, especially when he harmonizes with himself. His vocal variety is something to remark on as well because when he throws his power such as in An Overview of the City it’s impressive.

On one end of the shovel

I was totally impressed. I could listen to this whole album over and over. In fact, I know I will! The rock is hard and stylized. His lyrics are memorable and with a variety that sets each song apart it’s hard to find an album with this much juiciness. I give high praise when he harmonizes because it helps make his voice stand out.

On the other end of the shovel

I mentioned that it wasn’t overproduced which is probably what helps it shine in a unique light. However, sometimes it seems something may have been missing that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Also, with as great of a sound his vocals have, sometimes it seemed it was missing something as well. His harmonizing helped fill in that void and kept me happily pressing forward!

How deep can I dig it?

With every song being memorable, producing great powerful melodies, variety and a great voice, especially when he harmonizes this is Hard Rock on a high level. Although the production isn’t overdone making it pretty sweet, occasionally a song might seem to be missing something as well as his voice but those harmonies are excellent. And when he pushes that power in his vocals it’s brilliant! As such I dig Fear In Disguise 9.5 out of 10 feet deep!

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