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While sometimes Pop music annoys me I’m finding a universal resonance with it in the last 5 years. As I pay closer attention I’m finding hints of 80’s Pop. Whether I give nods to INXS, Limahl, Belinda Carlisle, Madonna, etc. when I hear it or find similarities with 90’s Country I find that it’s refreshing. If reincarnation is a thing or not, it’s more hit than miss anymore.


Joanna Alina fits this case perfectly. She was recommended for fans of Alessia Cara, Tracy Chapman and Pink and I find that fair. She’s young but has a maturity in her vocals and messages that seems like a veteran in hope, heart, faith and life. It’s Pop, Folk, a touch of Country and perhaps a little Indy but it’s a hit in every way.

I was sent her, Back To You single and loved it! Next, I was sent Breath by Breath and had to dig deeper. Her lyrics are real and although it’s nothing new, there’s some magic in her smooth vocals. Her pitch is spot on, attractive and it makes me think she’s a sweetheart in real life.

Like No Other and If We Ever Lose It All are the only other songs right now available to listen to from this Australian singer which leaves me longing for more like the feeling after a first kiss, the end of an adventure movie, or a vacation on a beach.

On one end of the shovel:

Joanna Alina has all the magic necessary to pull off catchy, memorable songs. With a beautiful voice, careful attention to lyrics and ability to make you feel something deep when you listen she has all the makings of a superstar, providing maturity not often found at a young age.

On the other end of the shovel:

If you’re one who is truly tired of hearing Pop music reminding you of the magic of the 80’s and 90’s you might not enjoy this as much. If this is you I could see that more than the 4 songs she has available right now could get on your nerves, even though I’d find you wrong for thinking so. Other than that, I can’t really think of anything else that would make you pass this up.

How deep can I dig it?

With magic and beauty in a voice that makes me feel strong emotions when I listen I truly long to hear more. This is sweet summer romance to my ears. I also appreciate the subtle 80’s Pop reminders whether it was intentional or not. I could see that such could turn some people away but it’s unlikely. For this, I dig Joanna Alina 9 out of 10 feet deep!

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