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G Precious always inspires me. This is the third album of hers I had the joy of listening to. The very first one (On My Shoulders) had an emotional impact I couldn’t quite place. Perhaps it was chatting with her a bit and being in touch through some hardships via her social sites that helped me get a real feel for her lyrics.

Not too long ago Walk On Water was released and it felt like she had matured some and still retained that familiarity. It was a solid take and I was sure if she kept this streak going she’d hit a more widespread appeal. What I mean is that although her heart and lyrics really made me feel like I knew her on a deeper level the mainstream sound that most younger folks go for was not fully realized. While this was not her intent I was hoping she could find a way to reach a broader audience because she has the hard work, ethic, and brilliant soul that should be shared.

Here we are with her latest, Eclectic, and it’s time to see where this third act directs us.


You won’t be able to tell how long my pause was before I started this review. To sum up the experience in one word…Wow!

This 11 track album starts out with Tears of A Clown, an epic intro sound that made me wonder, this is deep and serious. This woman is about to roar! It goes far beyond a roar, however. It paints a picture of where we’re at concerning equality and points out some serious dangerous potential. The beat to this is very punchy and commanding, echoing again with What’s Left To Sacrifice.

Fortunately, G Precious doesn’t stay in one subject mode. She spans on subjects of not giving up with songs like the serene, radio friendly One Day and love with a catchy Open Your Heart which Madonna fans will appreciate that also feels a bit reggae. This continues with my favorite Nun-ya and Smoke the Bomb Bud, with perfect angst from Joey Sangre on the chorus.

Die 4 You ft. Serena Rascon and Spread My Wings has that peaceful, soft radio appeal that shows G Precious’s singing chops while Around the Way Girl shows off some dance beat potential along with Wiggle My Bustle that showcases what turns G on. I also enjoy the Native American references paying homage to her heritage.

Dancing In the Sky has an epic anthem appeal that is my other favorite on the album. It’s super catchy, uplifting and offers repeat-ability!

On one end of the shovel:

This is it! She has all the variety needed to appeal to a broad audience. Several subject matters that most can relate to with great guest singers to polish off a radio sound and the confidence in some of her songs are on point. I was honestly shocked at the jump in appeal from her last album to this one. I was impressed with the immediate likability in almost every song.

On the other end of the shovel:

I should point out here that I reviewed the version before it had final polish. What had potential to turn me away was G Precious’s singing voice. It isn’t bad but this feels like an area that could use more polish. It’s not that she’s off key it’s that either the depth of her voice doesn’t catch me like I would hope or the emotion to really carry a singing voice is absent. I wonder what she sounds like singing when she’s practicing the song or gets lost in the words, those moments where it’s all emotion. But her choice of guest singers really pulls these songs through!

How deep can I dig it?

All in all G Precious has found footing in mainstream land. Her focus to reach a broader audience has paid off. With a collection of various beats and sounds coupled with a variety of subject matter will gain her the recognition that could light the next album on fire! If she can polish those vocals or find a way to carry an emotional impact while she sings then I am confident she will wind up on radio stations around the nation, if not the world. I dig Dancing In the Sky 8 out of 10 feet deep!

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